We’re all racist now

Daily Caller via Ace.

Yes, you. The one reading these words right now. You.

What’s that you say? No, you’re not a racist?

Prove it.

That’s the situation the Tea Partiers find themselves in this week, after claims that during the Obamacare protests on Capitol Hill last weekend, African-American congressmen were subjected to… well, here’s how William Douglas of McClatchy Newspapers described it.
Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2010/03/24/youre-a-racist/#ixzz0j8AGHZhr

Video, at the link, of those hatey, racist, redneck, protesters yelling the “N” word at Georgia’s John Lewis. Well, you have to assume that’s what they’re yelling, because you can only “hear” “Kill the bill.” But just look at that crowd. They look shifty and racist to me. How can you tell they’re racist? Because they’re mostly WHITE. I don’t know how much more proof you knuckle-dragers need.


All these cameras and not one bit of video/audio proof. H/t BiW via via … tangled web. BiW’s link lead me to it.

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16 Comments on “We’re all racist now”

  1. Car in Says:

    DANG. who published it first?

  2. MCPO Airdale Says:

    I wrote mine at 1430 EDT, but didn’t want to step on HHD.

  3. pendejo grande Says:

    I always wanted to poat here but was skeered.

  4. xbradtc Says:

    A lie travels halfway around the world while the truth is lacing up its shoes.

  5. TGSG Says:

    niiiiiiice Car in.. I like it.
    Re: the post… what a clusterfuk the left is, no sense of decorum at all.

  6. Ocean Cat Says:

    Politics is all about perception. It doesn’t matter if every case can’t be proved. The Republican party already had a reputation as racist, as did the TeaParty. Now that the Reps are embracing the Tea, well, the moderates and left think you’re all racist. Add a few videos where it certainly looks like someone is yelling racial epitaphs, along with a few acts of violence against liberals, and what you get is Dem victory in 2010.

    So, y’all just keep fucking that we’re-not-racist chicken. Please.

    [This was posted under a slur of my name – I’ve corrected the author, Carin]

  7. agiledog Says:

    It doesn’t matter if every case can’t be proved.

    So the truth doesn’t matter to you, huh? Typical progressive. No wonder you lie so much.

  8. Car in Says:

    How ’bout the fact that NONE of the cases (from over the weekend) can be proved?

    Truth, OC. Truth. What the left is doing, right now with this incident, is propaganda. It’s no different than what Hitler did to the jews.

  9. Car in Says:

    And, before you get your panties in a wad – I’m referring to the anti-jewish propaganda.

  10. Hotspur Says:

    So now we’re racists because it “looks” like we might be yelling racial epithets? The next logical step is to say we’re racists because we’re not black. Okay, I see where you’re going.

    And acts of violence are now automatically assumed to be perpetrated by the right?

    I’ll leave you to your proofs. Otherwise you are irrelevant to me.

  11. wiserbud Says:

    The Republican party already had a reputation as racist, as did the TeaParty.

    Gawrsh, I wonder how that happened??? Maybe because the left and their willing partners in the media have been so persistant and tireless in creating that myth?

    And maybe because weak-minded fools like you believe everything you hear from your so-called leaders, as long as it allows you to paint yourself as the poor, but noble, victim?

    Add a few videos where it certainly looks like someone is yelling racial epitaphs,

    Well, I guess it would look that way to someone who is able to find racism everywhere they look, regardless of the context of reality of the situation. “Black hole.” RAAAACIST!!!!!!

    ….. along with a few acts of violence against liberals,….

    More lies.

    I must give the left some kudos here. They have learned well from their heroes of the old Soviet Union. Repeat the lie loud enough and often enough and eventually, enough people will believe it.

  12. Vmaximus Says:

    Yes Definitely The Republicans that freed the slaves are racist Sea Kitty. Oh I forgot the republicans that passed the civil rights act of 1866 and 1871.

    oops I also forgot about all of the Civil Rights act of 1875 that those evil republicans passed.

    Did I mention the Democrats opposition to the civil rights act of 1957, or the 18 democrats that produced the longest filibuster of the civil rights act of 1960?

    Or the 18 democrat senators (and 1 racist republican) that filibustered the 1964 act?

    Don’t get me started on the democrat and the KKK

  13. Vmaximus Says:

    Oh I forgot about that evil racist republican Dr Martin Luther King

    I cannot find it now but I am willing to bet that James Earl Ray was a democrat

  14. themadjewess Says:

    The Dems started the KKK, they are the race haters and the race baiters.

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