The left is all psyched to start accusing the right of ODS for even questioning The One™. You guys need to get a fucking grip.

The BDS label wasn’t applied to people who merely questioned Bush’s policies. It was applied to Rosie fire-can’t-melt-steel O’Donnel. It was applied to those mindless zombies who chanted “Bush lied, people died.” It was adhered to those who, for YEARS, repeated the same, tired (and false) fake turkey story. You know what? If you had more than one anti-Bush bumper sticker on your car, you probably were suffering from BDS. BDS was the intersection of blind partisanship and a lack of reasoning skills.

But, I know, it hurt being called deranged, and you are anxious to lash back. But, until I see an Obama equivilant of this:

Zombietime’s picture gallery serves as a documentation of BDS. Find me the equivalent for our side.

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